121221-Having a Good Journey in Relating to Others

123121-Living the Abundant Life in 2022

010922-The Spiritual Principle of Sowing and Reaping

011922-Mental Organization

013022-Sowing Like God

020922-How to Be Set Under Authority

022022-Do Not Envy the World

030222-The Spiritual Principle of Stewardship

031322-We Must Have the Courage to Stand Alone

032722-In Order to Shift We Must Mature

041022-Maturing in Love

042022-The Sacrifice of Disobedience to God

050122-Maturing in Knowledge

051522-Maturing in Knowledge

052522-Agreeing with Light

062222-Agreeing with Each Other

070622-Loving God Unconditionally

071722-Shifting Requires Us to Be More Than Conquerors

072722-The Spiritual Principle of Grace

080722-Distress Will Arise

081422-Persecution Will Arise

082422-The Spiritual Principle of Faith

090422-Peril Will Arise

092522-God's Insight and Influence Upon Creation

100522-Faith on Trial

102622-Understanding Discipleship

110622-What to Expect When You Put on the New Man

111622-Fellowship is a Necessity

121921-Five Things to Do for Others

010222-2022 is the Year of Shifting

011222-Spiritual Organization

012322-Sowing and Reaping With Knowledge

020222-The Spiritual Principle of Authority

021322-Sowing and Reaping With Success

022322-The Authority of the Believer

030622-We Must Obey God with Childlike Simplicity

031622-Part 1 - The Devastation of a Disobedient Steward

033022-Making Stewardship Work to Fulfillment

041322-Understanding Obedience

042422-Maturing in Faith

050422-Obedience to God Brings the Reward

051822-How to Agree with God

052922-Maturing in Works

062922-Understanding Unconditional Love

071022-Maturing in Our Togetherness

072022-How to Build Unconditional Love

073122-Distress Will Arise

August Leadership-Finish Your Assignment

081722-Use Grace or Lose It

082822-Famine Will Arise

091122-Shifting During a Season of Change

092822-The Just Shall Live by Faith

101622-The Sword Will Arise

103022-What to Expect When You Put on the New Man

110922-The Necessities for Discipleship

112022-Putting On the New Man's Garments

122621-Five Things to Do for Others

010522-The Spiritual Principle of Organization

011622-Sowing With a Clean Heart

012622-External Organization

020622-Sowing and Reaping With Success

021622-How to Be Set in Authority

022722-We Must See God as Our Source

030922-Stewardship Over Self

032322-Part 2 - The Devastation of a Disobedient Steward

040322-In Order to Shift We Must Mature

041722-Maturing in Faith

042722-God's System and the Saints

051122-What is Agreement?

052222-Maturing in Works

060522-We Must Mature by Not Walking in Fear

070322-Maturing in Our Togetherness

071322-Loving My Fellow Man Unconditionally

072422-Shifting Requires Us to Be More Than Conquerors

080322-I Am Saved by Grace

081022-Humility is the Doorway
to Grace

082122-Famine Will Arise

083122-The Four Facts About Faith

091822-God's Involvement in Creation

100222-The Sword Will Arise

102322-Have You Put on the New Man?

110222-Discipleship Must Be a Priority

111322-Putting Off the Old Man's Garments

112222-Worship is a Necessity