was born in Mt. Gilead, NC and he is married with one daughter, son-in-law,  and grandson. Prior to coming to Greensboro, Pastor Thomas served as an assistant Pastor to a growing church in San Antonio, TX.

Pastor Thomas started Love and Faith Christian Fellowship in 1991 with only 3 members and under his spiritual leadership the church has grown to over 3,000 members. In 2006 the church opened a second location in Kernersville, NC becoming 1 church in 2 locations.

As a mentoring Pastor of several Pastors who look to him for spiritual guidance and support, Pastor Thomas travels to different regions of the country and around the world to visit with Pastors that are under him. 

He enjoys being at home, fellowshipping with the members and doing what God has called him to do. 

Pastor Thomas encourages all new members of Love and Faith to join one or more of the 80+ ministries offered by the church. Desiring that each member perform their ministry work with integrity and excellence, Pastor Thomas wants God to be pleased with both the Spiritual and the Administrative aspects of the ministry. He is committed to fulfilling the assignment given to him by the Holy Spirit. He believes that “to whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48). 

Pastor Thomas is also the Chief Executive Pastor of Good Shepherds Fellowship International, a non-denominational fellowship of Pastors coming together for the primary purpose of establishing churches in the faith and building the Kingdom of God. The vision for GSFI is to equip and empower Pastors to become efficacious in their call to be good shepherds after the heart of God and building strong and healthy churches to carry out the great commission for Christ.