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Bible College Staff

Michael Thomas, Senior Pastor

Wanda Heggie, Dean

Nancy Hines, Registrar

Jeffrey Purvis, Technical Administrator

Alma Purvis, Admissions

Academic Programs

Presently we are offering year 1 and year 2 program. The first year consists of a certificate program. The second year leads to an Associate Degree. The following 3 and 4 year tracts are offered only through correspondence with Teamwork Ministry: Biblical Studies, Practical Theology, Christian Counseling, and Christian Leadership. Courses are subject to change.

These courses are available for church-based and correspondence programs. Most importantly, these classes are for the young, old and anyone who desires a strong foundation in the Word of God. As of 2011, the Love and Faith Bible College focuses on years 1 & 2.


Program Descriptions

BI 101 Spiritual Fundamentals
Text: Foundations for Christian Living – Provides a practical understanding of the fundamental principles of Christian living. It is word-based and Jesus-centered.

BI 102 Prayer and Fasting
Text: Prayer Power - The student is provided with the understanding of the practical importance of prayer and fasting in the Christian life and lists practical experiences to build faith.

BI 103 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 
Text: Mastering Spiritual Gifts – This course will help the student to discover what their spiritual gifts are in order to understand what God’s will is for their lives and how the Holy Spirit works through them.

BI 104 New Testament Ministry
Text: Mastering New Testament Ministry – This course takes a comprehensive look at the concept of plural team ministry, and the understanding of the ascension gifts, Christ gave to the Church; helping to identify God’s calling on your life.

BI 110 Old Testament Survey
Text: Journey Through the Old Testament – This course gives a systematic study of the major teachings of the Old Testament by outlining the principle themes of Scripture, and providing a basic introduction for subsequent in-depth studies of the specific themes.

BI 201 New Testament Survey
Text: Journey Through the New Testament – This course gives a systematic study of the major teachings of the New Testament by outlining the principle themes of Scripture and providing a basic introduction for the subsequent in-depth studies of specific themes.

CC 212 Ministry of Deliverance 
Text: Deliverance Ministry and Counseling - This course outlines God’s overall plan for healing and restoration. It is based on the 12 step model of Alcoholics Anonymous. It also explores the healing of generational dysfunction.

PT 121 Life Management
Text: Total Life Management – This course will change your life as it deals with topics such as: spiritual management, financial management, goal setting, time management and much more.

PT 105 Spiritual Warfare
Text: How to Engage in Spiritual Warfare – This course explains how to deal with the enemy victoriously. It is filled with real life practical experiences.

PT 110 Knowing God’s Will
Text: Becoming a Person God Uses - Through this teaching, students will be encouraged to find God’s calling, preparation, and commission for their own lives.

PT 201 Christian Leadership
Text: Equipping Christian Leaders for Ministry – This course is for every leader or potential leader who desires to improve and have a more productive leader who desires to improve and have a more productive ministry. It is full of practical advice in the areas such as church discipline, counseling, spiritual burnout, finances, and more.

PT 117 Excellence in Ministry
Text: Becoming a Person of Excellence – This course is for those who desire to move from average to excellence and are willing to pay the price.

PT 122 Victorious Christian Living
Text: Christian Life Patterns and Gracious Living – In this course, we explore the key ingredients to living in harmony with those around us.

PT 123 Evangelism I
Text: Personal Evangelism – This course gives many practical suggestions on incorporating evangelism into your everyday life.

PT 150 God’s Authority In the Believer
Text: Authority of the Believer – The Church and the individual Christian has been given dominion on the earth. Jesus has given all authority to His Church, but believers must learn to use their authority.

PT 205 The Healing Covenant 
Text: God’s Provision for Healing – This course discusses the Biblical foundations of healing as well as the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of healing.

PT 207 Systematic Theology
Text: Systematic Theology – This course uses a systematic approach to examine the basics of Christian theology.

PT 209 Faith Dynamics
Text: Faith Dynamics – Faith in our Lord Jesus is essential for living a life of victory and power.  This course discusses in detail the dynamics of faith and their relationship to the believer.

PT 202 Pastoral Ministry
Text: Pastoral Ministry – The Biblical and practical roles and responsibilities of a pastor are examined in this course.


PT 107 Christian Ethics
Text: Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette, Becoming a Person of Integrity - This course emphasizes the importance of integrity and character in the life of a minister. A critical analysis will be made of the methodology used in apologetics.

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