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Learn More About Our Evangelism Ministries

LOVE & CARE MINISTRY: Our ministry is somewhat an extension of The Greeters' Ministry.  We kindly greet the First Time Attendees (FTAs), place a small sticker on him or her, explain the contents of our packets that is given to them.  Later in the week after the service is completed a person from The  Love & Care group will give the FTA a follow-up call to thank him or her for coming out to fellowship with our church.  We find out if there are any questions that they may have that  need to be answered regarding our church.

DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRY: Discipleship Training Ministry is one of the Evangelism Ministries at L&FCF.  The mission is to assist in making disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching and training disciples in biblical knowledge, disciplines and understanding.  This ministry is open to persons who have at least one of the following spiritual gifts:  exhortation, knowledge, teaching, giving, mercy/compassion, wisdom, miracles, faith, helps/service, administration/guidance, leadership.  The Discipleship Training Ministry provides weekly Beginning Steps classes every Tuesday for New Converts, weekly Discipleship classes every Thursday for those desiring to mature in their Christian walks, and quarterly Simple Obedience in Fasting classes.  For more information, contact the church at 336.632-0205 Ext.1629


JAIL & PRISON MINISTRY: To help men and women become aware, that through the Word of God there is a purpose for their life. To help men and women become spiritually fruitful and to acquire what they learn to help benefit their community.

ALTER WORKERS: Members of this ministry stand at the altar during the alter call. They pray for individuals, lead individuals into first-time salvation, rededication, and/or baptism of the Holy Spirit.

CHALLENGED BY HIV: The ministry purpose is to educate, train, support, love, and minister to people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. There are several opportunities for community service and involvement including: Triad Health Project, Christmas Parade, Wrap-It-Up (BET), Higher Ground Lunches, etc.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER: The purpose of Intercessory Prayer is to seek God through corporate prayer petitions based on the Word of God. We meet each Saturday 12noon – 1pm in the Sanctuary where participants may pray silently, verbally, kneeling, standing, etc., but especially guided by the Holy Spirit. For more information contact Shirley Cassell, Greensboro, or Barbara Williams,  Kernersville location through the church office (336)632-0205.  And remember “Prayer is a powerful force.”

PARTNERS IN PRAYER: This ministry meets weekly to unite in prayer and come on one accord for the needs of the church, church family, ministries, Pastor Thomas, church leaders, and the salvation of others.

WITNESSING MINISTRY: We believe that the love God displayed to us, in turn, compels us to extend love to those who are far from Him.  It is His grace that empowers us to go into the world and compel men and women to come to faith. Prayer is foundational to all that we seek to accomplish. Our ministry is a training ground for members to exercise and develop their spiritual gifts.  Meeting times are the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. For more information email or call (336) 632-0551 ext. 1643.  Arise and build up the Kingdom of God with us!

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